About Us

The Tianjin International Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems (TICNN) was authorized to be constructed by Tianjin University in October 2015. It is a new type of international teaching and research institute, and it is an official division Tianjin University. The TICNN is committed to creating an innovative and international academic environment, as well as building a new type of international research center which will produce world-class research and serve as a high-end scientific and technological personnel training platform.

The TICNN currently has a research team of 13 experts from 6 countries. with two full-time faculty members, including Profssor Lei Ma, Professor Ramiro Moro, as well as 11 cooperating international faculty members, including Profssor Markus Kindermann (USA), Professor Vitaly Kresin (USA), Professor Bernd von Issendorff (Germany), Professor Hannu Häkkinen (Finland), Professor Claire Berger (USA/France), Professor Yingmei Zhou (USA), Professor Ted Norris (USA), Professor Elisa Riedo (USA), Profssor Zhigang Jiang (USA) and Professor Thomas Leisner (Germany).

The TICNN team will lead Tianjin University in the fields of graphene electronics, cluster physics, chemistry, high-precision mass spectrometry, photoelectron spectroscopy, micro-environmental science, and more. It will effectively promote the construction and development of an interdisciplinary research platform. In addition, the TICNN actively cooperates with related parties in the form of both domestic and international enterprises and technology companies. Thus far, we have established joint labs with corporations that are internationally renowned scientific instrument companies, such as Tian Mei, Quantum Design, Nanonics Imaging LtD., and so on.

As a key international cross-disciplinary platform constructed by Tianjin University, the TICNN has received full support in terms of funding for equipment as well as assistance in Chinese policy from the university. We will establish a joint graduate student training program between the Georgia Institute of Technology and Tianjin University. At the same time, we will standardize and expedite the exchange of researchers between the two institutes. At present, there is about 2400 m2 of floor space reserved for all the laboratories as well as office space for professors, staff, and students alike. If you would like to learn more about specific members of the team, you can visit the People page.