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At the Tianjin International Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosytems, we employ and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in their respective fields from all around the world. Our research interest range from graphene electronics to cluster physics and everything in-between. Current ongoing collaborations include the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and the University of Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany. Our faculty, staff, and students are as exceptional as they are diverse, with members coming from China, Germany, the United States, and more. Look over our current members below.


Ma Lei

Dr. Lei Ma (马雷)
Executive Director
Email: lei.ma@tju.edu.cn


Bernd von Issendorff

Dr. Bernd von Issendorff (INT.AFF)

Zhigang Jiang

Dr. Zhigang Jiang 江志刚(INT.AFF)
Email: zjiang33@gatech.edu


Xu Rui

Dr. Alice Xu (许蕊)
Administrative Secretary
Email: aliceruirui@tju.edu.cn

Ji Mei

Dr. Mei Ji (纪梅)

Li Dong

Dr. Dong Li (李栋)

Wu Yanan

Dr. Yanan Wu (武雅楠)
Email: wuyanan2016@tju.edu.cn

Zhu Xiaodong

Dr. Xiaodong Zhu (朱晓东)

Graduate Student

Graphene Lab

Jian Zhao (赵健)
2017-D.S. student

Hongyuan Zhao (赵鸿远)
2017-D.S. student

Peixuan ji (纪佩璇)
2019-D.S. student

Kaimin Zhang (张凯敏)
2019-D.S. student

Wei Jin (靳炜)
2019-D.S. student

Rui Li (李睿)
2020-D.S. student

Luzhen Hao (郝路珍)
2021-D.S. student

Ruotong Zhao (赵若彤)
2021-D.S. student

Hao Tian (田昊)
2023-D.S. student

Jinwei Liu (刘金伟)
2023-D.S. student

Jiapeng Wang (王佳鹏)
2020-M.S. student

Yaqi Li (李雅奇)
2020-M.S. student

Cao Tang (唐曹)
2020-M.S. student

Xue Wang (王雪)
2020-M.S. student

Xing Qi (齐鑫)
2020-M.S. student

Pinggen Zou (邹平根)
2021-M.S. student

Liangpeng Hou (侯良鹏)
2021-M.S. student

Huawei Zhao (赵华威)
2022-M.S. student

Wenkai Liu (刘文凯)
2022-M.S. student

Boyue Bian (边博岳)
2022-M.S. student

Yijia Jing (景怡佳)
2023-M.S. student

Huihui Liang (梁慧慧)
2023-M.S. student

Jin Chen (陈瑾)
2023-M.S. student

Jiahao Qin (秦佳豪)
2023-M.S. student

Zhenjie Qin (覃振杰)
2023-M.S. student

Cluster Lab

Yin Guangjia

Guangjia Yin (尹广佳)
2018-D.S. student

Zezhao Jia (贾泽朝)
2019-D.S. student

Zhi Chen (陈志)
2020-D.S. student

Jin Liu (刘锦)
2020-D.S. student

Zhaojun Liu (刘朝君)
2021-D.S. student

Wusheng Zhang (张武胜)
2021-D.S. student

Zhe Li (李哲)
2021-D.S. student

Runyu Wang (王润雨)
2022-D.S. student

Mingxiang Zhou (周明项)
2022-D.S. student

Tong Yan (鄢童)
2020-M.S. student

Yifan Li (李易繁)
2021-M.S. student

Haitao Li (李海涛)
2021-M.S. student

Tianjie Ma (马天杰)
2021-M.S. student

Xiaoxuan Liu (刘晓璇)
2022-M.S. student

Yuming Zhang (张宇明)
2023-M.S. student

Han Liu (刘瀚)
2023-M.S. student

Chemistry Lab

Rongke Sun (孙荣科)
2020-D.S. student

Baohua Liu (刘宝花)
2022-D.S. student

Hao Li (李浩)
2020-M.S. student

Ruoxi Wang (王若曦)
2020-M.S. student

Yuchen Xu (徐宇晨)
2021-M.S. student

Jiaqi Liu (刘佳琦)
2021-M.S. student

Runan Guo (郭如楠)
2022-M.S. student

Yi Peng (彭艺)
2022-M.S. student

Yizhuo Cheng (程一卓)
2023-M.S. student

Wen Li (李文)
2023-M.S. student

Mingyu Wu (吴明宇)
2023-M.S. student

Dongqi Zhao (赵东奇)
2023-M.S. student

Yupeng Zhao (赵玉鹏)
2023-M.S. student

Xiaobing Zhu (朱晓冰)
2023-M.S. student

Joint-cultivate student

Hafiza Sana Haider
2023-M.S. student

Moneeb Zafar
2023-M.S. student

Muhammad Hamza Tariq
2023-M.S. student

Zeeshan Rahat Sultan
2023-M.S. student

Former Group Members

Dr. He Wang (王贺), 2016 07-2018 09, Postdoc, Capital Normal University (首都师范大学), Lecturer

Dr. Yanan Wu (武雅楠), 2016 09-2018 09, Postdoc, TICNN (天津大学纳米中心), Technician

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Saleem, 2017 06-2019 10, Postdoc, BAY AREA INSTITUTE (粤港澳大湾区研究院), Research Associate

Dr. Zheng Fan (范峥), 2018 01-2020 10, Postdoc, Shanghai University of Technology (上海科技大学), Technician

Dr. Danni Hao (郝丹妮), 2018 09-2021 11, Postdoc, Hubei University of Technology (湖北工业大学), Lecturer

Dr. Xiaodong Zhu (朱晓东), 2018 09-2021 11, Postdoc, TICNN (天津大学纳米中心), Technician

Dr. Yiran Hu (胡逸然), 2018 07-2018 09, Ph.D student, Amazon

Dr. Yue Hu (胡玥), 2018 07-2018-09, Ph.D student

M.S. Tian Xun (田勋), 2014 08-2017 08, M.S. student, EVE Energy(惠州亿纬锂电股份有限公司),Engineer

M.S. Steven Harrington, 2015 12-2017 05, M.S. student, Research Assistant

M.A. John Indergaard, 2015 12-2016 07, Ph.D. student, Physics Lab Coordinator at University of North Georgia Syracuse, New York, United States

Dr. Owen Vail, 2016 06-2016 08, Ph.D student, American Navy Lab

Dr. Ma Hongru (马红茹), 2015 08-2018 09, M.S. student, DaLian University of Technology (大连理工大学), Postdoc.

M.S. Xin Yan (闫鑫), 2016 06-2019 07, M.S. student, Beijing Changfeng Weidian Technology Co.,Ltd. (北京航天微电科技有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Lirong Zhao (赵丽荣), 2016 06-2019 07, M.S. student, ROFS Microsystem (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. (诺思(天津)微系统有限公司), Field Engineer

M.S. Jiashuai Wang (王佳帅), 2016 06-2019 07, M.S. student, Ph.D.@University of Science and Technology Beijing (北京科技大学)

M.S. Wang Yanyan (王燕燕), 2016 06-2019 07, M.S. student, LISHEN (中电力神集团有限公司), Head Engineer

M.S. Yan Shaocun (闫绍村), 2016 08-2019 05, M.S. student, Feymer Technology (江苏富淼科技股份有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Li Zhe (李哲), 2016 08-2019 05, M.S. student, EVE Energy(惠州亿纬锂电股份有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Shaozheng Fang (方绍峥), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, UNISOC (紫光展锐), Engineer

M.S. Zeyang Chen (陈泽洋), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, CASC (中国航天科技集团), Engineer

M.S. Xiaohan Wang (王笑晗), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, ZET (中兴通讯), Engineer

M.S. Dongxun Yang (杨栋勋), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, Ph.D.@Osaka University (大阪大学)

M.S. Chengqian Shi (史成乾), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, UNISOC (紫光展锐), Engineer

M.S. Yipeng Zhang (张翼鹏), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, Tianjin Puli Ark Medical Technology (天津普利方舟医疗科技有限公司),Sales Engineer

M.S. Bowen Li (李博文), 2017 07-2020 07, M.S. student, Hebei University (河北大学)

Zhang Xingmo (张醒墨), 2018 B.S. student, D.S.student, The University of Sydney (悉尼大学)

Zhibo Cui (崔智博), 2019 B.S. student, M.S.student, Beihang University (北京航空航天大学)

Ye Yuan (袁野), 2019 B.S. student, CNPC (中石油)

Enbang Xue (薛恩邦), 2019 B.S. student

Dr. Shuo Wang (王烁), 2016 08--2021 07, Ph.D. student

Min Zhang (张敏), 2016 08-2022 , Ph.D. student

M.S. Xiao Zhang (张晓), 2018 08-2022 06, M.S. student, SUGON Tianjin (中科曙光), Engineer

M.S. Shuai Wang (王帅), 2018 08-2022 06, M.S. student, NAURA Beijing (北京北方华创微电子装备有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Zhenzhen Zhang (张真真), 2018 08-2022 06, M.S. student, AAC Technology (瑞声科技), Engineer

M.S. Hongbin Xie (谢宏斌), 2019 08-2022 06, M.S. student, HYGON Tianjin (海光信息技术有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Mei Zhao (赵梅), 2018 08-2022 07, M.S. student, UNISOC (紫光展锐), Engineer

Yuyang Cui (崔宇阳), 2019 B.S. student; Zhejiang University (浙江大学),M.S. student

Yajuan Guo (郭亚娟), 2019 B.S. student; Shanghai Jiaotong University (上海交通大学),M.S. student

Shiqi Hu (胡世琦), 2019 B.S. student; Zhejiang University (浙江大学),M.S. student

Dr. Gen Liu (刘根),2017 03-2022 08, Ph.D. student Taishan University (泰山学院),Lecturer

Dr. Kai Wang (王凯),2016 06-2022 08, Ph.D. student Henan University of Urban Construction (河南城建大学), Lecturer

M.S. Ziwen Zhou (周子文), 2018 05-2022 08, M.S. student, HESAI Shanghai (上海禾赛科技有限公司), Electronics Engineer

Dr. Lin Miao (苗琳), 2016 06-2022 08, Ph.D. student, Tianjin University of Technology (天津理工大学), Lecturer

Dr. Xue Yu (余雪), 2017 07-2023 06, Ph.D. student,Xinjiang University (新疆大学),Lecturer

M.S. Gang Dong (董刚), 2018 05-2023 06, M.S. student, The 46th office of China Electric Power Department(中电科46所),Engineer

M.S. Xue Xiao (肖雪), 2019 07-2023 06, M.S. student, SiEn Integrated Circuit Co., LTD (芯恩(青岛)集成电路有限公司), Engineer 

M.S Jiaying Duan (段嘉颖), 2019 07-2023 06, M.S. student,CHINA BAOWU STEEL GROUP,(中国宝武集团有限公司),Engineer

M.S.Jinbo Zhao (赵金波), 2020 08-2023 06, M.S. student, Bright Stone Mems (明石创新(烟台)微纳传感技术研究院有限公司), Engineer

M.S Mengying Li (李梦莹), 2020 07-2023 06, M.S. student, Hangzhou Extremely Weak Magnetic Field Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Research Institute(杭州极弱磁场重大科技基础设施研究院), Engineer

M.S. Zejian Chen (陈泽健),2021 05-2023 06,M.S. student

M.S. Yanmei Ren (任艳梅), 2019 07-2023 08, M.S. student

M.S. Chengwei Hu (胡成伟), 2019 07-2023 08, M.S. student

M.S. Kaicheng Yu (于凯丞), 2020 09-2023 08, M.S. student, ZTE Corporation(中兴通讯股份有限公司),Engineer

M.S. Jiangli Li (李江丽), 2020 08-2023 12, M.S. student, Bright Stone Mems (明石创新(烟台)微纳传感技术研究院有限公司), Engineer

M.S. Yi Zhang (张毅), 2020 08-2023 12, M.S. student, Bright Stone Mems (明石创新(烟台)微纳传感技术研究院有限公司), Engineer


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